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Business Development Centre

Administrative, Business Services, Consultants, Training Services

1120 Finch Ave. W. Suite 701. Toronto, ON. M3J 3H7 - View Map


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About Us

Business Development Centre

Everyone is different. That is why Business Development Centre offers personal attention and custom tailored services to suit your needs. We offer more than 20 years of professional experience to small and medium size businesses. We are a one-stop solution to busy entrepreneurs. We also pay special attention and provide support for home-based businesses.

Our activities go beyond business registration. We also provide complete accounting, monthly bookkeeping, payroll and reporting to small and medium size businesses. We welcome you to review the services Business Development Centre provides and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Incorporation and Business Registration

Incorporation & Registration

Take advantage of limited liability, tax reduction strategies, or share and business sale options by choosing the right incorporation structure. Every province in Canada treats business registration a little differently – Business Development Centre’s team of experts will help you meet the requirements.

Register Your Business

Whether you want a sole proprietorship, corporation or partnership, we can help you do your registration quickly and easily.

Register Now Register a Trade Name Under Your Existing Corporation

It is possible to register multiple business names under your existing company.

Register Now Apply for a Government Tax Account (GST, HST, PST, Payroll, WSIB, etc…)

Once you have started your business in order to be compliant you will need to register for all of your government accounts.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

Whenever you create something whether it is a business name, logo, product or service names and images, website, written work or computer program, it belongs to you and you should protect these valuable assets to prevent theft and financial damages. When you register an operating name in Canada, it is a good idea to check and see if anyone is currently using your intended name to avoid significant risk to your company in the future.

Apply for Copyright Registration

A copyright is a registration that lets people know you are the creator of a work. It is important to protect the things you create wheter it is a business name, logo, product or service names and images, website, written work or computer program.

Apply Now Perform a Trademark Search

See if others are using the name you want to use or are using.

Search Now File a Trademark Application

A trademark is used to protect things like your logo. It protects these assets by making it harder for others to use your intellectual property.

Apply Now Learn About Patents

Patents protect your invention. Only the patent holder can determine how the item can be used, manufactured or distributed.

Learn More Corporate Profile, PPSA, Bankruptcy and Other Searches

Know who you are dealing with. You can search companies to see their credit history, registered property and business profile.

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Smart Business Management

Smart Business Management

Our in-house bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and filing services will relieve you of the burden, reduce costs and eliminate filing penalties. You may benefit from having separate, private corporate addresses. If you are expanding to other provinces we can educate and assist you in your undertaking.

Business Mailbox Service

Our business mailbox service can receive, sort and redistribute your mail.

Learn More Corporate Registered Address

We can provide you with a registered address for your business. Whether you are out of the country or just like the ability to separate your business and personal lives.

Learn More Sign-up for Regular Bookkeeping

We can set up a regular bookkeeping process for your business so you can have the piece of mind of knowing your books are always in order.

Sign-up Now Get Your Accounting Records Straight

Anyone can get a little behind when it comes to Accounting. Let us help you get everything up to speed.

Learn More File Your Business and Corporate Tax Returns

We offer a full range of accounting services. When it is time to submit your business return come see us.

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Phone: 1-877-226-2921
Address: 1120 Finch Ave. W. Suite 701. Toronto, ON. M3J 3H7

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