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ICECORP Logistics

Confronted by tougher decisions and thinner margins, this has forced most business owners to face the option of relocating manufacturing to offshore locations. When looking at offshore locations a business must consider all the factors such as: longer cycle times, increased storage or inventory costs, local customer or product support etc. As your overall business strategy, a company has to choose between lower production costs and higher transportation/ storage costs by going offshore or staying onshore with higher production costs and faster cycle times… how do you decide which option is better for your business? In addition, businesses must also consider which option is better suited for their short term or long term gain.

Small Businesses, Distributors and Manufacturers can no longer continue to do business the way they have for the last 10 years. The biggest mistake most companies make is only focusing on how outsourcing will affect the bottom line and not looking at the operations as a whole. Partnering with the right Logistics company can help to streamline processes and help with the decision making. For example sending your manufacturing offshore may seem like a good idea today but once you factor in costs (such as: shipping, storage, etc.) the long term benefits might not be there. Short term gain versus long term vision is an area a logistics company can help you review and assess. The sign of a great logistics company is the ability to give your company direction during these turbulent times and give you access to the information that will help to keep you ahead of the curve. It’s no longer enough to stay current and move forward you now have to be adaptable and lead forward.

Why You Will Love Working With Us

  • ICECORP Logistics listen to their customers and offer more than their competition.
  • They are not just about logistics, they also partner with their clients to guide them through the complexities of transportation.
  • They consult with their clients on what options are available and provide guidance through the strategic process to grow you unique business.
  • ICECORP Logistics provides International reach with local support for any of your transportation needs at rates that will match the level of value of their personalized customer service.
  • With a wide range of services they will see you through the beginning stages of your business right through to your growth and expansion world wide.
  • They will show you how to optimize your current processes, without compromising your business productions.


We establish long term relationships with our clients by getting to know and understand your operations first. We then customize our services around your business requirements to become an extension of your business. We are the window into our industry making it essential for your company to move into the future. We personalized the experience by inviting our clients to our facilities to get to know us and discuss any and all expectations as partners.

Through the expertise and dedication of our staff we provide customized solutions to each and every different scenario that may come up to service your clients. We treat your products as if they were our own and have the understanding of timeliness deliveries and constant communication. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to any and all parts of your supply chain and we look forward to becoming a part of your team.

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