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Mastermind Solutions Inc.

Mastermind Solutions is a multi-disciplinary consulting and implementation firm comprising highly experienced professionals in the four critical business areas that can make a difference to your growth or sustainability as an organization: Strategic Planning, Marketing, Finance and Organizational Design.

The more things change around us, the more we need to change within our organizations if we wish to cope, stay in business or thrive and grow. Whatever your objective, and whether you like it or not, you will be facing a changing environment, and having a Mastermind as a potential change agent working alongside you offers you the greatest potential for success.

We look for improvements that will add to the bottom-line without capital infusion. We identify opportunities for innovation and cost-savings – and we do not try to sell you anything, only to achieve the goals that you set.

Why You Will Love Working With Us

Mastermind Solutions is a virtual organization that has the ability to expand and contract as your needs demand. That’s exactly why we believe they are an ideal partner, because they have the capabilities, the people and the resources to work with small clients and big clients alike. They bring high level strategic thinking across their disciplines, while at the same time providing implementation services at extremely great value with attention to detail like no other.

The other critical thing we like is their ability to work together as a coordinated team across the four disciplines, or to work with clients in just one discipline as client needs demand. This ensures that their energies are focused and you get the best value for money.

Products and Services

Strategic Planning – Strategic plans are developed from comprehensive and accurate information. Our diagnostic questionnaires are clear, understandable and to the point and we use that information as a platform to launch effective business strategy and plans.

Marketing – is all about positioning and differentiation which leads you to becoming noticed. And you can’t get noticed without showcasing that positioning within a creative and a unique brand, an identity and a product or service offering all of your own.

As a full service marketing firm strategy, planning, design and the internet are our tools of the trade. We help to position your company in a way that makes you unique and desirable; then we create the right mix of marketing tools (from interactive to digital to social media) to be successful.

Finance – The Finance function in a business needs managing by someone that understands what that role can do to facilitate the growth of the business. Accounting is more than balancing the books and the accounting/finance function should contribute to the business’ success. We assist the function head to develop their skills and to meet the needs of the business by doing their job better and providing what executive management needs.

Organizational Design – is about how the work gets done. We examine the link between the goals of your company and how managers and your staff are working to achieve those objectives. We work to establish the requisite organization for your company’s success and deliver an efficient organization with the right structure, the right people, the right accountabilities and the right leadership practices.

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